Mentoring is an opportunity for volunteers to be the main point of contact for a sanctuary seeker household and to make their lives more enjoyable during their long wait for a Home Office decision. Every household is offered a mentor. Mentors are part of a team who supports each other in this enjoyable but sometimes tricky task. The activities below are not exhaustive but attempt to outline the relationship between the sanctuary seeker’s household and the mentor team.

Building relationships with sanctuary seekers

Visiting the home and/or meeting elsewhere. Sharing phone numbers so that you can provide support whenever asked. Engage in conversation and dialogue. Help with form filling and reading any official documentation. Source and signpost access to other agencies and professional services. Organise, invite or accompany leisure activities.

Skills: Respect any domestic conventions, can engage all members of the household, know when to help, when to encourage independence, and when to signpost (support will be given). Be open and interested in different cultures, enjoy explaining local/national customs, and have the ability to correct English in an unobtrusive and light-hearted way. With the help of the Mentor team, familiarise oneself with the work of other agencies and providers.

When: At least once per fortnight at a mutually convenient time. You can set your boundaries, but most Mentors are happy to accept messages between 9 am and 9 pm.

Building relationships with mentoring team and other volunteers

Attending team meetings, joining the Mentoring WhatsApp group, taking on a small role that helps the rest of the team, disseminating and explaining information from volunteers who arrange leisure activities, volunteering opportunities, donations, and language support. Passing information to mentor lead and/or safeguarding lead as appropriate.

Skills: Whatever your expertise is, we can use it! Ability to encourage take up and help with signing up requirements. Undertake Safeguarding training.

When: as and when

Photo by Wylly Suhendra on Unsplash