There are three ways to help us get the resources we need to support the refugees and asylum seekers in our region. They are making a financial donation, donating goods that can be helpful to our new neighbours, and getting other people to contribute. Some times you can even make a financial donation for free, by using this website here to make your online purchases (more info below).

Making a financial contribution

Assisting families while they rebuild their lives in the UK is priceless, but it does have a cost.

Although DAR relies exclusively on volunteers for all its activities, we incur in many other expenses in delivering our services and organising our initiatives.

How do we use the money?

We are an entirely volunteer-run charity, which means that all of our funds are directed to helping refugees and asylum seekers. We do not use donated money to pay salaries.

On a recurring basis, we need resources to purchase English language teaching materials, snacks, drinks, and stationery for our weekly drop-ins and outings.The real challenge, however, is finding the funds to offer some limited help on an ad hoc basis, whenever a family faces an urgent need. For example this could be:

  •  help with buying school uniforms or 
  • help with buying household goods and furniture for a new home, when asylum seekers face eviction after attaining their refugee status. 

How can I donate?

We accept (and really appreciate) regular donations via standing order. You can setup a standing order via online banking using the following details:

The Co-Op Bank

Sort code: 08-92-99

Account number: 65833937

Account name: DAR

There is also way to donate without spending any money. Easy Fundraising allows you to do just that! How does it work? Let’s say you are about to book a holiday for the family, or purchase something online. You can head to the link below, and browse through thousands of retailers to see if you can find what you were looking for. Once you click on the retailer link, you’re redirected to their website and they pay DAR a small referral fee. One of our Trustees once donated £40.00 while booking a holiday, without spending anything extra on their purchase. Great, isn’t it?

Donate For Free Via Easyfunding

Donating reusable goods

We used to collect all kinds of goods that can help a family be comfortable in their new homes, but we no longer do this on a regular basis. We now occasionally collect specific items, when some of the families we assist inform us that they require them.

We post these requirements on our Facebook page, so you can check there if you have anything that you wish to donate.

Getting others to donate

Do you want to get other people to support DAR? There are several ways to do this!

Just Give

Through Just Give, you can organise a fundraising event for DAR.

Get Started Via Just Give

Spreading the word

Another great way to get other people to donate is spreading the word about our work and referring them to our website. Sometimes, the old-fashioned way works just as well!

New ways to fundraise (upcoming)

We are working on new ways to enable our supporters to help. You will soon be able to request donations for DAR for your birthday on Facebook.

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