Surveying relevant sources, documenting sources and making enquiries for FOIs

Skills: Research skills, tenacity, thoroughness

When: 1 hour per week as needs arise

Liaising with refugee groups nationally

Joining zoom calls on strategic planning. DAR is part of the Refugees Together Coalition and is connected to many local groups.

Skills: Communication skills

When: 20 hours per month as needs arise

Responding to local and national campaigns

Contacting local leaders in church groups and other sympathetic organisations. Working with Asylum Matters, Action Foundation etc.

Skills: Organisational and communication skills

When: As needs arise

Listening to issues faced by sanctuary seekers and refugees

Where relevant, making enquiries via email and phone calls to the MP’s office

Skills: Listening skills, communication (written and spoken) skills

When: 1 hour per week (at the drop-in or from contact through Mentor)

Writing to MP about issues and national campaigns

Where relevant, make enquiries via email and phone calls to the MP’s office. Keeping up to date with legislative procedures.

Skills: written skills

When: 2 hours per month

Encouraging members

Encouraging members to write to their MPs about issues involving those we work with via monthly newsletter.

Skills: Communication and encouragement

When: 1 hour per month

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