Assistance for refugees

Refugees are foreign citizens who have been granted asylum by the UK Government. While being recognised refugee status is a step ahead from being an asylum seeker, refugees face a number of challenges in the early stages of their new life.

Avoiding Homelessness

On being granted asylum, refugees have 28 days to vacate their asylum accommodation. They were not allowed to work so far, so they are financially constrained and risk becoming homeless at this stage DAR helps them be prepared and apply for support in time.

Getting Settled

Once their status becomes certain, refugees can start building their new life in our country. DAR keeps assisting them as well as we can, for example by providing bicycles to move around independently or supporting them in tasks such as finding employment or starting a business.

Joining Our Community

At DAR, we believe that integration is a process that requires consistent and wholehearted efforts from all parties. Our members are committed to this ideal, and we work constantly towards building a welcoming environment for refugees in the North East.

Assistance for Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers are foreign citizens waiting on a decision on whether they qualify as refugees. Most of them had to flee their country due to the horrors of war and/or persecution. DAR strives to give each of them a warm welcome and assistance with getting settled in the UK.

Learning the language

Unlike refugees, asylum seekers don't have access to government-funded language courses. DAR provides language tuition to enable them to start communicating.

Understanding the system

Asylum seekers are often unaware of the steps to access public services such as health and education. We assist them with this or signpost them to other services that can help.

Overcoming Isolation

Asylum seekers seldom know anyone else when they reach the North East. All of DAR events also aim to bring people together in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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