The role of the policy officer is to support the Trustees in the smooth, efficient and safe running of the Charity. Attends executive meetings as a member, and Trustee meetings as adviser ( unless the post holder becomes a trustee. )

Ensures the following key policies are adhered to and these and all other policies are reviewed
annually: Data Protection, Health and Safety, Safeguarding

Creates policies for agreement by trustees as necessary, to ensure that decisions are made in a
coherent manner in accordance with our charitable objectives.

● Takes a key role in creating the annual development plan and monitors its delivery through the
year in collaboratioan with the Executive Group and Trustees.
● Attends executive and trustee meetings to give an update on the delivery of the plan, making
suggestions for amendments to the plan as necessary
● Assists in event planning by carrying out risk assessments
Qualities and Skills required:
● Organizational ability
● Knowledge of key legislation – e,g Data Protection Act, Health and Safety at Work Act, Charity
● Experience of policy work and procedures.
● Good communication and interpersonal skills.
● Impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidences.
● Well organised and an eye for detail.
● Ability to work well with the chair.